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Rotterdam airport goes international

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Rotterdam Airport

We’ve been learning the hard way that anything in English is ‘chic’, right? So why would 2009 be any different? According to De Telegraaf, a discussion has been going on for 15 years (!) about changing the name of Rotterdam Airport to… drum roll… Rotterdam-The Hague Airport. It’s not so much about having an English-language name (in Dutch, Den Haag) as associating the airport with a city that in turn is associated with “justice and peace” by foreigners because of the international court. Will Obama have the US finally recognise ‘our’ court? Oops, tangent.

It’s a marketing thing. And a lot of us are flying out of Germany because of the ecotax anyways – I know I am. The lesson here is apparently that The Hague is chic abroad, and Rotterdam is not. That I leave up to the people.

(Link: telegraaf.nl, Photo: rotterdamairportcarrental.com)

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