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Protest against ‘English’ university

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On Friday, May 27 in Tilburg, the association Taalverdediging protested against students not speaking Dutch at the Universiteit van Tilburg (University of Tilburg) and the overuse of English (or Dunglish, right?) there.

“If you study here, you have to learn Dutch and integrate”.
Errr, that makes no sense, as students come from other countries and then go back home. I know for a fact that if they are here on a student visa, they are not required to learn Dutch and often do by choice.

“And if you don’t, you’re an unwanted foreigner”.
Come again? This sounds racist to me.

So these folks are against English-language studies at a Dutch university because the Dutch language is going to hell in a handbasket. Where is the cause and effect? What about getting published? That happens in English; every academic in the world knows that.

The university staff is freaked out. Talk about mixing up things.

(Link in Dutch: Brabants Dagblad)

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