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Let’s play decode the Dunglish

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Picture 5

In the category ‘why use proper Dutch when bastard English will do’, I dare you to try and guess from the logo what these people sell if you didn’t see this advert on telly like I did.

The name of the company requires what I like to refer to as ‘aural squinting’. If you read this slowly and pretend to speak Dutch, you may even pronouce it as… insured! That’s right, this is an insurance company, turning what my best friend calls ‘brown karma’ into something pink and happy. No, wait, that’s ‘heppie’ (Dutch pronunciation of ‘happy’, which sounds like ‘hippy’), as in Hotel Heppie, a holiday house for, I assume, underprivileged children who deserve a holiday. The company surely has good reason to plug this, but the name is ‘reedeeculooos’.

Does this work for anybody? I mean, I like pink, but not this time.

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