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Painful insertion

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Agecoin sign

This wonderful company is 0 for 2. ‘Inworp’ is just not an insertion – they mean ‘bigger coins’. This sentence needs a face-lift (a higher one).

Alternatives off the top of my coffee break: exact change not required, no change given.

‘No change given’ usually implies that a vending machine takes all coins and does not give change.
And there’s often a picture of the coins that are accepted like the Dutch train ticket vending machines have.

But why keep it simple when you can make it wordy? And I refuse to correct the sentence.

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Where it’s at

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Agecoin sign

The Dunglish translation does fit! This is much sloppier than usual. As if the company couldn’t afford it. This is just plain bad.

The “at the employees” is really disturbing. Maybe because it implies that the employees are a place and that sounds more like something you’d get from a coffee shop.

Luckily for you, I have more of those coming up!

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