Naked poodles

American musician John Mayer was a guest on De Wereld Draait Door this week, an upbeat, trendy Dutch talk show. I know from very reliable sources that the show tends to avoid inviting non-Dutch speaking guests unless they are tennis star André Agassi (a few weeks ago) and in this case, the handsome John Meyer.

The cute joke made by the woman asking John Meyer if he was ‘lonely’ is a nice piece of Dunglish although totally on purpose. The woman asked if John was ‘poodle naked’, which was an excuse to say ‘butt naked’ in Dutch on telly and obvisouly make an assumption that he’d be very good looking naked.

Click on this link to get to 4:30 where the fun starts.

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One Response to “Naked poodles”

  1. Agnès says:

    I watched that programme (didn’t plan to but did) the other day. Indeed, the comment from that woman was somehow confusing/Dutch blunt/unclear/allegedly funny but now you’ve explained, it all makes sense 🙂 Great blog, by the way!

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