Nice, but comes off stupid


What a nice gadget, cradling the new iPhone that some of my friends keep going on about! The Dutch company Boynq has designed a new speaker/alarm clock called Wake Up for iPods (and apparently iPhones). The Wake Up can also recharge your iPod and iPhone (excellent point). Being curious and it being close to the holidays and all, I wanted to know more. I found more info, probably translated internally with no one to check it.

“Pure Sound Supremacy is proven once again as besides being woken up by this masterpiece you can also give a great party as the incredible sound quality easily fills up your entire room.”

Say what? The copywriting does not do justice to the image.

“Compatible with all new iPods and iPhone*
*iPhone compatibility on models produced after January 1st”

iPhones, plural. On? Of what year? ‘Produced’ instead of manufactured or made is a literal Dutch translation, as is the first nasty sentence.

But it sure is pretty.

(Link: gizmodo)

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5 Responses to “Nice, but comes off stupid”

  1. Mr. M. says:

    “Produced” may be a literal translation, but is it actually flat out incorrect in this setting?

  2. Larry says:

    I interpret ‘iPhone compatibility’ as a feature *on* those models. Just a thought.

  3. Natashka says:

    It’s not a good translation. My clients would comment on it.

    All the capital letters everywhere are mostly flat out wrong and I actually left that aspect alone.

  4. Koos says:

    This person also seems very happy with the one typical English construct that he knows, as he overuses it, as you can probably tell from this phrase, as I’m obviously talking about his use of as twice in one phrase…as.

  5. Larry says:

    ‘Produced’ itself is not wrong (manufactured would have been fine as well); it’s probably the similarity to geproduceerd that makes you uncomfortable.

    ‘Models produced after’ is fine as English goes:

    Now they just need to specify the year, as you said.

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