Rotterdam craziness

Folks, I have been busy, am currently entertaining overseas guests and generally in need of a vacation, but I absolutely had to make time to post about this nasty bit of Dunglish sloppiness.

Folly bon

Rotterdam, twice European City of Culture to my knowledge, but alas words fall short, right off Rotterdam’s Euromast. For starters, the price/prize mix up rears its ugly head as well as countless (yes, I’m not going to count) others that tell me a student was probably asked to do this over the summer. ‘Land of origin’ sounds like visitors are a product and ‘valuable’ instead of ‘valid’ is, well, annoying. Cheers!

(Photo: Jasper)

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4 Responses to “Rotterdam craziness”

  1. lb says:

    Something tells me we’ve got similar blogs:

  2. JayVinVermont says:

    Did they write “architectonic” when they meant “architectural”? And it’s “guarantee,” not it’s spelled in the example.

  3. Larry says:

    Jay: ‘architectonic’ does exist in English; synonymous with ‘architectural’ but not used much.

  4. Larry says:

    Someone somewhere is still very pleased that this translation didn’t cost anything.

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