Flemglish fashion

Soft drink advert

There I was, sitting in the Brussels-Amsterdam train that now goes through Antwerp Central (new tunnel), enjoying a beverage with a free mini-magazine wrapped around it. I had to peel off the mini-magazine because it made noise every time I reached for a sip. I also have the French translation of this Belgian gem, and it has less English words, although the same style.

Anytime is a classic mistake everybody makes, it should be ‘any time’. The rest is also like this, thrown together in three weeks as the Dutch text claims.

Other beauties include ‘long-lasting potentieel’ (‘long-lasting potential’), ‘soo simpel’ (‘verry simple’) and ‘carrièrreswitch’ (‘career change’).

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2 Responses to “Flemglish fashion”

  1. Jahara says:

    Wat can I say, maar goed god.

  2. Eric says:

    “Of we met Slam.it willen stunten? Tuurlijk! Of we dit in 3 minuten bij elkaar kunnen harken? Dat zie je toch!” 😉

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