Pressing matter

fresh juices

The Dutch already have a word for orange juice (‘sinaasappelsap’), but insist on using the chic French ‘jus d’orange’, even though the Flemish, often criticised for using French sounding words, stick with the Dutch version. Is a ‘normal glass’ of ‘vers (‘fresh’) juice’ better than ‘sap’ or ‘jus’? Does someone out there think juices is, like, exotic? I know, it’s a space-saving thing again! Dutch takes up too much space and the country is full.


8 Responses to “Pressing matter”

  1. JayVosinVermont says:

    “Dutch takes up too much space and the country is full.”
    Especially today with all the oranjegekte! Koninginnedag!

  2. Jasper says:

    Terwijl verse jus toch heel normaal klinkt….

  3. Larry says:

    VERS SAP is even shorter and ambiguous enough to cover all the possibilities!

  4. Edith says:

    “Dutch takes up too much space and the country is full.”
    Good joke.

    “Verse juices” is awful. Was this a bottle of orange juice or an advertisement for several types of juices? If it was the former, whoever wrote it probably didn’t know how to spell jus (for example because it is pronounced shuuu in Dutch). If the latter, it’s even worse.

  5. yoastie says:

    Sap is a much better word: it sounds better, is shorter to spell and is Dutch…

  6. Spinal says:

    I can image why they won’t use “Verse jus” (since jus also means gravy), but “Vers sap” sounds a lot better than “Verse juices” to me! Damn those people who still think it’s “cool” to use English to make Dutch sound “better”.

  7. Boersnoes says:

    You have a point, but in all honesty, “Sinaasappelsap” is just a plain tongue twister.
    Can’t say I have ever used the word, but that can be because I’m Flemish.

  8. Edith says:

    ‘Vers sap’ could refer to any kind of fruit juice. I often use a diminutive: ‘mag ik een jus-tje?’ But I haven’t got a clue how to spell this! I agree, ‘sinaasappelsap’ is quite a mouthful.

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