Asbest as possible

asbestos removal

While a brouhaha is brewing over the arrival of the asbestos-riddled ship Otapan in the harbour of Rotterdam this very day, there’s nothing sweeter than being current and on topic.

Does a provincial asbestos removal business really need a Dunglish pay-off? How exciting can asbestos removal possibly be? What happens when they don’t do their best? In English, it is ‘asbestos’ and not ‘asbest’, so to novice Dunglish enthusiasts, this could look even dumber that it was meant to be.

(Photo: Erik)

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3 Responses to “Asbest as possible”

  1. Remco says:

    I would call this kind of Dunglish positive Dunglish because it is funny (probably for Dutch only;
    omitting the last ‘as’ would make it stronger though). Asbestos removal is a serious thing if you ask me
    so the joke is a sort of relief. This is no negative Dunglish which is only meant to
    ‘impress’ people they once were taught English (they think). So ‘Sloopwerken Asbestverwerking’ go on this
    way and ‘go your gang’!

  2. dollev says:

    As a Dutch manufacturer of sticky tape used to say: Don’t worry, be tacky!

    What surprises me is that the Mother Of All Dunglish has not been mentioned once on this blog: the Bar Dancing.

  3. Rat says:

    Ik vind ‘m leuk

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