Loud and clear

115db whistle

This is not Dunglish, it’s good! Bravo! What I like besides the fact that such a sexy joke would not be allowed into the mainstream in many English-speaking countries, it proves how relaxed the Dutch are about making such a play on words. I can hear someone in my family saying how dare they make jokes about something as serious as an attack and missing the entire point. It’s an English-language advert with a Dutch mentality. Give me more!

And at a time when this Dutch search for inventions programme can be seen on TV, this simple invention is a sight (sound?) for sore eyes.

2 Responses to “Loud and clear”

  1. Erik says:

    Briljant 😀

  2. Louis Bryan says:

    I’m merely a student of Dutch, but I’m a repeat visitor and thus have picked up enough Dutch to howl with delight over the layers of risque (for Americans) word play in the Dutch text in the link that Natashka provides. This advertising is superb in both languages.

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