I love punishment

I love

Stichting Nederlands has awarded the ‘Sofprijs der Nederlandse taal 2005’, a protest award for shaming the Dutch language to Dutch minister for Public Works and Water Management, Carla Peijs. She was nominated for her Dunglish “I love verkeersregels” (I love traffic regulations) campaign.

Previous winners of this award were Philips for no longer publishing its annual report in Dutch and Dutch politician Neelie Kroes for botching up the English language during her introduction as EU commissioner when she could have spoken Dutch.

Here is my original post back in September 2005:
I do not love this

Enjoy this photo gallery that mocks the campaign:

An article I translated for Igor Freeke:
I love richtingaangeven

(Source: Taalpost)

5 Responses to “I love punishment”

  1. Ludolph says:

    Igor Freeke schreef in zijn column o.a.:
    “And as proof that my English is better than that of the authorities, who gave up after two words, this column is – contrary to tradition – entirely in English.”
    Proof? Hij heeft het toch door Natasha laten vertalen?

  2. Natashka says:

    I helped clean the text up, which was already partially in English IIRC.

  3. Larry says:

    And shouldn’t ‘richting aangeven’ be two words?

  4. Natashka says:

    Yes BUT click through to the sign: it’s all stuck together.

  5. Larry says:

    I know. It’s bad enough that the campaign used Dunglish, but even the Dutch part is wrong.

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