Funky chicken


While one fast food chain in the Netherlands says they know what to do with chicken (still sounds weird to me), this Dutch owned chicken restaurant in Spain doesn’t. Although machine translation can be easily recognised, I can’t seem to understand how someone could have produced this.

Fried highlights:
And we say you!
And I say “yeah yeah”.

At our: no sea visibility, none slag, no fish, do not save, but chicken, Spanish chicken.
Fries with that?

Enjoy the rest!

(Tip: Angela)

7 Responses to “Funky chicken”

  1. Els says:

    Nederlandse nationaliteit afnemen?

  2. Natashka says:

    Ik ben opeens heel erg blij dat ik heb het niet aangenomen!

  3. Els says:


    Maar eet je wel kip?

  4. Natashka says:

    Ik discrimineer niet 🙂

  5. thunderdog says:

    Waarschijnlijk door zo’n online vertaalding gemaakt…

  6. G says:

    The dutch version is funny too. My favourite: “vol oa vent”
    And the somewhat kinky “Een keer bij ons kip eten en U blijft komen!”


  7. Larry says:

    Muy, muy slordig.

    We didn’t bother to get this translated by a human being and we’re passing the savings on to you!

    Lovely bit of vakantie-Spaans: medio pollo con los frietjes.

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