More Flemglish


This cafe in Antwerp has obviously made Flemglish part of its style. ‘Beste plek’ means ‘best place’ and ‘malse steak’ means ‘juicy steak’. Since the cafe is in Belgium, I’m sure it’s all true. This is an amusing use of language, which probably makes the locals feel much less like tourists. In fact, it seems to poke some fun at tourists by leaving the ‘juicy’ details out. I like it because it doesn’t twist the grammar to try and be clever, it just replaces a few words and makes the Dutch savvy smile. Here is a previous Flemglish posting from the same cafe.

(Photo: Piet)

One Response to “More Flemglish”

  1. Els says:

    Ik ga goed voor je opletten dit weekend in Gent en Brugge. Vlaanderen on top!

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