Yellow curry worries


It’s time for another funny bit of restaurant Dunglish. The Dutch word for ‘crab’ is ‘krab’, but it ended up as ‘crap’ here. Someone did try and correct it, but seemed unsure. And for people who cannot read Dutch that well, the ‘Poe’ bit just above (in English, ‘Poo’), is phonetic Dutch for whatever that means in Thai and still not very appetizing.

(Photo: Yuri)

5 Responses to “Yellow curry worries”

  1. G says:


  2. Larry says:

    Did you know there’s a North American freshwater fish called a crappie?

  3. Natashka says:

    I know of a fish called “crapet” in French, a type of bass.

  4. ivon says:

    That ‘crap’ reminds me of a Dutch fellow student in Sweden who tried to explain boerenkool to Swedes and other foreigners.
    He described it as ‘a kind of green garbage’.

  5. Cheerioko says:

    And what a PONG it all made!

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