Tax me


I was searching for info about a bus line when I stumbled upon this bit of Dunglish. This transport company very seriously offers a service called “Business Tax”. Wot? Well, it’s some sort of Dunglish shortform for taxi and has nothing to do with taxes. It’s one thing to mix and match Dutch and English, but it’s another to yank perfectly good words out of their context and force them to take on a useless role. Moreover, both words are totally unrelated: tax and taxi. You’ve gone too far!

One Response to “Tax me”

  1. Larry says:

    Taxi companies in the Netherlands have been shortening ‘taxi’ to ‘tax’ (both pronounced the Dutch way) for decades, but I can’t say I understand why they’re so fond of giving themselves names like _____-O-Tax. Combining that with ‘business’ is doubly unfortunate. Bek toe ze drowing boart, boyss!

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