Creep show

Halloween party

Here is a Halloween invitation that employees of a large company were privileged enough to get in their mailbox. The price/prize thing has creeped up again, showing its true scary nature. It does make you wonder about the way in which Dutch culture has been soaking up Halloween these past years. Photo caption: AVIFS is the business unit of the company, and Ome Kees is the name of the cafe where the scare will take place.

The pumpkin is too cute, and the ‘most scary person’ (the scariest person)(the boss? the sys admin?) will get, not win, a ‘price’. I wouldn’t want a price on my head! Will they be shot? Fired? Tortured by Dunglish? What about the Halloween costumes? That’s the best part!

(Photo: Martha)

6 Responses to “Creep show”

  1. Bram says:

    “at 17:00 uur”
    Iets dergelijks hebben we eerder gezien (langs de A1), maar toen net andersom.

  2. Natashka says:

    Ik vind de rest van dit verhaal al erg genoeg.

    You will be scared reminds me of you will be informed. Yup, the same mistakes are made over and over again. Déjà vu!

  3. Novi O'Magum says:

    For a second, I thought I even saw some German there… (‘ist’ – ‘1st’)

  4. Larry says:

    The pumpkin is taken from Joost Elffers’ book ‘Play With Your Food’.

  5. Anonymous says:

    More cute pumpkins!

  6. Larry says:

    You can either ‘get’ or ‘win’ a prize in English, although ‘win’ is more elegant, I suppose.

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