Car trouble

Do they really wash your car at your place? I’m not sure. ‘Carwash’ is Dutch for ‘car wash’. When English words become accepted in Dutch, they often get crammed together. However, ‘mobil’ is neither Dutch nor English, so I have to assume it could be the name of the company, although there’s no capital letter. Wax as a noun is OK in Dutch, but not as an verb. It’s all too much for me.


(Photo: Yuri)

5 Responses to “Car trouble”

  1. G says:

    Isn’t this from a Mobil brand gas/petrol station van?

  2. Natashka says:

    I knew someone would ask this one 🙂 No, because there are not Mobil stations in the Netherlands. This is Shell country.

  3. Gabelstaplerfahrer Klaus says:

    mobil stands for mobile but it’s German!

  4. Natashka says:

    It could be Spanish 🙂

  5. Arend says:

    Ja, ze wassen je auto aan huis. Dus ze bedoelen idd “mobiel”.

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