Belgian crap shoot

Queen of hearts

Yet another tip from the guys at, this Belgian casino website is one big losing streak, and serves a complimentary French only pop-up.

Some hilarious highlights:

In an explanation about my favourite game, Black Jack:
“The figures count for 10, the aces for 11 or 1 (with the choice of the player), the other charts have their facial value.”

Now picture the Queen of Spades as the bearded lady running off with the treasure map.

Read this with a fake French accent:
“…our tables of black-jack, roulettes and poker await you into the georgeous upstair room. Come and fun there with secrecy, between friends or with your family.”

This gives ‘family affair’ a whole new meaning.

2 Responses to “Belgian crap shoot”

  1. lode says:

    Je link naar de taalpuristen klopt niet helemaal 😉

  2. Natashka says:

    Nu wel! Dank je!

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