Taxi blues


I swear I don’t hate taxis or taxi drivers, but for reasons unknown, I keep running into sites related to taxis that make the Dunglish grade with flying colours. This one was without a doubt put together between two fares.

Some highlights:

“Welkom at”

“Because of a good schedule our taxies rarely drive without passengers”
Good planning, mate.

…has developed into an oiled company with a strong automated basic.
Grease is my co-pilot.

2 Responses to “Taxi blues”

  1. Hans says:

    In this case I am afraid the site only shows the capabilities of the designer. There’s lots
    more to grin about on their site: Have a nice time browsing and don’t forget
    to have a look at the examples under the “webdesign”-button. Their Dutch is just as bad…

  2. Natashka says:

    There are tons of these nasty sites. What designer? 🙂

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