Sizing up shoes

Recently posted as a reply to my mule shoe posting by Scrubs over at, this shoe website deserves a posting of its own. I had a good laugh. The shoes do enjoy a good reputation.

Some highlights:

“Part off our broader collection” and “prolonged by popular demand” got my attention. There is also “lamp” for those allergic to “lamb”. I bet it’s softer.

One Response to “Sizing up shoes”

  1. Larry says:

    I don’t see ‘prolonged’ as being particularly wrong, but I would have rendered it differently (‘held over’ or ‘extended’, perhaps).

    Lamp seems to be the name for their ‘range of bags with a fluorescent interior that enables you to see the contents at a glance’, unless I’m missing something. Silly but not really up there with menus offering ‘crapsalad’.

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