Italian flavour

I’m back and ready to Dunglish! Before I do, I want to share a piece of “Anglitalian” with you. After having toured Italy by car and spent hours reading signs, this is the funniest I saw in the touristy town of Sorrento. English was often badly written, but never used to sound cool, only to communicate, with the exception of some odd train station graffiti.

(By the way, you can now comment on the previous post, which I had closed.)


2 Responses to “Italian flavour”

  1. Larry says:

    Welcome back!

    Oh good, the cheese has been fumigated. I hate it when cheese is infested by termites and such.

    English used in Italy to sound cool? You need to be in Rome for that.
    Have you noticed that anything in Italy that’s written in French (or Spanish) never has the accents right?

  2. Natashka says:

    I was in Rome, too! Rome is cool no matter what, Dolce Vita and vespas aside. I spoke whatever Italian I could when I was there. The French and Spanish was also poor, but again, not used to be cool like here.

    Elsevier and most Dutch newspapers can’t get accents right in French 90% of the time.

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