It sounds good, but…

People often write things the way they sound. This message still gets across, and in this case, the shopkeeper needed to put up a sign in a hurry, so it’s understandable. My problem is that major companies make mistakes like these, and yes, native speakers of English do as well.

More commonly confused words:
there – they’re – their
it’s – its
who’s – whose

Tip: don’t trust your spellchecker!


4 Responses to “It sounds good, but…”

  1. Larry says:

    And we make no apologies where open.

  2. Q. Steltanus says:

    Maybe it’s a haiku?

  3. ivon says:

    It’s wrong, but is it Dunglish?

  4. Natashka says:

    It’s not major Dunglish, but it was written by a Dutch shopkeeper for a mystery audience. His Dutch sign had four sentences.

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