Young and foolish

This clothing store gets more cryptic by the week. As if this earlier posting wasn’t bad enough, we now have ‘divided girls’ on two floors, with ‘divided boys’ getting some space on the ground floor. The big question on my mind is where’s the added value of confusing people?

Young 2

9 Responses to “Young and foolish”

  1. bram says:

    My guess: it’s about a girl’s division hence the girls are divided…
    confusing indeed

  2. Martijn says:

    If this picture was taken in a H&M (Hennis & Mauritz), Divided could imply a brandname.
    In this case, one of their main brands actually.

  3. Natashka says:

    Nope, it’s not a brand, it’s Dunglish. These are the same people who came up with “Take 2 pay for 1”.

  4. Larry says:

    Hmm … tweens?

  5. Ploon says:

    My guess it’s a (faulty) translation of “afdeling”, meaning department.

  6. Kees says:

    Martijn is right – “divided” is what H&M dubbed this year’s summer collection:


  7. Kees says:

    messed up the html.

  8. Natashka says:

    1. The word “divided” is between brackets on the site, and could use a capital letter.
    2. The link mentions an “on line” campaign, whereas this was an “in store” sign.
    3. Me no like. Het deugt gewoon niet!

  9. Larry says:

    It’s Swenglish then, I guess.

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