Ferry nice

How to be creative with Dunglish! I love it! The Dutch “v” is often pronounced as an “f”. Broken English indeed!

London London

(Photo and tip: Bram)

5 Responses to “Ferry nice”

  1. Jurjen says:

    I really love the “v.a.” in the only bit that was supposed to be ‘real’ English.

  2. Michael says:

    Is it still dunglish when it’s meant to be like this?

  3. Natashka says:

    It’s Dunglish done on purpose. It pokes fun at the Dutch pronounciation of English, but since it’s in written form, I consider it Dunglish.

  4. Martijn says:

    The 1337est trends, w00t!

  5. G says:

    l33test tr3ndz 🙂

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