Stop the sales!

Shops in the major Dutch cities tend to use a lot of English. Although “End of sale” is argueably good English, it is normally used for when one stops selling something altogether. I’ve also seen “Final sale(s)” and “Last rounds” quite a bit. I know what it all means, but I cannot say I enjoy having to decode it.

End of sale

10 Responses to “Stop the sales!”

  1. paul (gnfti) says:

    Gaaf idee voor een weblog! Ik zal ook mijn ogen open houden. Bedankt!

  2. Ben Schattenberg says:

    I saw the word ‘sale’ also on shop windows in the Belgian city Liege. People speak french there. In french ‘sale’ means dirty. I don’t know why Liege shop owners expect to get more costumers this way.

  3. Natashka says:

    1. Dank je!
    2. Because they use English to avoid using Flemish or French, and that’s very common in Belgium. It’s to avoid linguistic problems, but it just creates more of them 🙂

  4. Marc Hutsebaut says:

    A very nice initiative, indeed. Arguably… 😉

  5. Rop says:

    “Sale” is sowieso erg stom, waarschijnlijk wordt het gebruikt omdat het kort is, maar geen normale Nederlander zegt “Sale” alleen winkels doen dat.

  6. Diederick says:

    geniaal! Driewerf hulde.

  7. Skippy says:

    Het woord ‘Sale’ wordt in de nederlandse winkels gebruikt als ‘uitverkoop’…

  8. GJ says:

    Eurocard in België gaf zijn Franstalige klanten jarenlang het advies “conservez soigneusement vos sales slips”.

  9. Larry says:

    At least they’re not using Swedish to advertise their final sale …

  10. Larry says:


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