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Rotterdam airport goes international

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Rotterdam Airport

We’ve been learning the hard way that anything in English is ‘chic’, right? So why would 2009 be any different? According to De Telegraaf, a discussion has been going on for 15 years (!) about changing the name of Rotterdam Airport to… drum roll… Rotterdam-The Hague Airport. It’s not so much about having an English-language name (in Dutch, Den Haag) as associating the airport with a city that in turn is associated with “justice and peace” by foreigners because of the international court. Will Obama have the US finally recognise ‘our’ court? Oops, tangent.

It’s a marketing thing. And a lot of us are flying out of Germany because of the ecotax anyways – I know I am. The lesson here is apparently that The Hague is chic abroad, and Rotterdam is not. That I leave up to the people.

(Link: telegraaf.nl, Photo: rotterdamairportcarrental.com)

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Jazzing things down

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There are tons of excellent jazz festivals throughout the Netherlands. Let’s get that cleared up. However, the forced mispronunciation of ‘jazzytate’ is not very good improvisation. The Dutch would pronounce it ‘jezzytate’, which then rhymes with ‘hesitate’ and in English, this just falls flat.

And since it’s been a while, a tip I never forgot from music management class at the sound recording and business school dad let me go to for one year ’cause it was very pricy: avoid the word ‘do not hesistate’ and go with ‘feel free’. Doesn’t that sound better? Feel free to call me instead of don’t hesistate to call me. Stay positive and let the jazz flow through you or be square.

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