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Till the end of Dunglish time

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Darn those pesky hour notations!

1. We don’t use ‘th’ for dates in this context, and repeating April is useless.
2. We don’t put 0 in front of hours (8:30)
3. Nobody uses ‘hrs’ in English.
4.’16.00′ is not the evening, it’s still afternoon, beer or no beer in hand.
5. Yes, British English do sometimes use one ‘full stop’ for time notation, I use a colon (‘:’) like the rest of the world and my mobile phone.

There’s lots more wrong, but I don’t have the time (snap).

And the rest makes me dizzy. It reads like cut and paste grammar gone bezerk. But, yes, we do know what they’re on and on and on about.

(Thanks Jannelies!)

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Cut! It’s all wrong

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There are so many things wrong with this sign in both languages that calling it Dunglish is just not fair to the Dutch version. I have no idea where this was taken. In fact, to my non-native eye, there are more mistakes in Dutch than in English.

(Link: hyves)


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