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Small town leisure city marketers

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There I was checking out the news this morning and found this nasty collection of Dunglish marketing terms in this Dutch article: “Regionale aanpak van marketing kan slimmer zijn” (roughly, “Regional approach to marketing could be better”).

I love how the author nicknamed the Dunglish used as “fantasy English of Dutch origin”. Rather than incorrectly using already existing English terms, these marketers show off their excellent breeding by coming up with their own English terms, making them sound like posh hicks, if that’s at all possible.

City marketing = destination marketing (and not place marketing)
Leisure stad (“leisure city”) = pick one language, please.
Full-time city marketeer (“full-time city marketer”) = Full-time destination marketer (you too, stick to one language)

For the record, ‘marketeer’ in English refers to those annoying people who call you up at dinner time and try to sell you something. Nice to know the Dutch took over the bad term ‘marketeer’ instead of ‘marketer’, which is the more neutral term. When I hear ‘marketeer’, I think ‘racketeer’. Now you will too.

The MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Congresses and Events) industry has been using the term ‘destination marketing’ for at least 15 years. Reinventing the wheel is stupid and a waste of time, two things marketing people should know.

The Dutch title of the article says that marketers should work “smarter”. Coming off smarter is probably not a bad idea either.

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