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Three bits: borrowed, new, funny

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The quartet over at Taalpuristen posted this a while back and since I missed it, maybe some of you did as well. Oh, and I know people who work for this company and read my blog. This bit’s for you and don’t forget to look over your shoulder in case the boss shows up.

A new Dunglish word: ‘Hardwaar’ – The non-plant items of a gardening centre, like gnomes and stuff. Sprucing up one’s job is what that is.

There’s a Dutch website called ‘Weg met de kids’, which suggests places to go with your kids, although in Dutch it could also mean ‘get rid of your kids’. Wait a minute, maybe there’s something to it after all! Point is, ‘kids’ has almost replaced the Dutch word ‘kinderen’ for reasons no one can explain.

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