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Dangerous fire safety protocol in Delft

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A company in Delft who that doesn’t care enough to properly translate a fire safety protocol (!) shares with us its wisdom on what to do if fire breaks out.

‘End all phone calls.’
– Sorry Bert, I’ll call you back later, there’s a fire here and it’s getting hot…

‘The parking deck is not an emergency exit’
A terrible passive sentence that says nothing about what you should do.

‘Be disabled helpful’
– As in don’t leave anyone behind I’m guessing, including anyone disabled, being mentioned separately as if not covered by ‘Mind that no colleagues or visitors left behind’, which is not English either. Ouch.

‘Venture to the assembly…’
Giving too many confusing instructions is not going to work. Venture on!

And shouldn’t fire safety be IMPORTANT enough to this company?


(Thanks Gerard!)

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