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Asking for it

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The more I read this, the more I realise it’s not standard Dunglish. ‘P/T’ is a crafty abbreviation for ‘part-time’ (took me a minute), while ‘m/v’ (‘man/vrouw’) is Dutch for ‘man/woman’. Yes, emancipation is not upon us yet, as it still needs to be pointed out in 2009 that jobs are for both men and women. Before someone dares brings this up, it’s simple: if you don’t specify anything, it’s always for both sexes. That’s what they do in emancipated countries.

The typical Dutch ‘asking a question’ tone is totally lost in this Dunglish jungle, and the ‘very well salary’ and ‘have you been interested?’ is funny.

The ‘we in search for you’ and ‘let you register’ has an ebonics ring to it, which is not a good thing.

I’m impressed they got ‘collective labour agreement right’ British spelling and all (priorities, eh), but otherwise this is terrible. Clean up on aisle 5!

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