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Eating pattern

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Before I dig into this one, I want to tell everyone that Dunglish now feeds to Twitter. Come join in the fun at @Dunglish. Again, thanks to @beun for pushing it up my to do list.

And while @beun reminded me how 2007 RSS feeds are, this company name is so very 2000. To many Dutch people, ‘together’ and ‘to gather’ sound almost alike, hence the probable decision to just mix it all in here. Lykle, who originally posted this picture on Facebook, called it ‘fail’ and I couldn’t agree more. ‘Eat to gather’ makes no sense, no matter how you slice it and sounds thought up at the last minute, not to mention that nobody is going to ‘aural squint’ (as I call it) and thnk, ‘oh geez, they mean together!’. And then there’s ‘eat2network’, ‘eat2motivate’ and… wait for it…. ‘eat2buildyourteam’. I’m full already.

Kudoz for anyone who can appreciate the slightly veiled reference in the title.

(Photo: Lykle)

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