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Alice down the hole

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Alice in Wonderland, that’s me with this surreal advert for some telecom thing with a woman. Alice is as clear as the dumb blonde portrayed in the advert. I thank the smart cookie who translated this so clearly. My sincere apologies if this was an employee who was forced to do so by their boss against their better judgement.

My favourite is “no astrixes”. Surreal things went through my mind, like Asterix the French cartoon character, Trix, the nickname of Beatrix the Dutch Queen (Queen of Hearts?), ‘tricks’, and more ‘not suitable for work’ things as well.

Another typical Dutch mistake is the use of “1” to replace “one”. That was what we call ‘a dead giveaway’.

No year contacts? So much for signing up to call anyone…

Anything a potential customer cannot understand they will not buy, that much is clear. And if you buy because you like the girl in the advert, I can send you much more interesting pictures that are really no strings attached, if you get my drift.

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