I feel me a song coming on


The song is a nicely performed rock and roll number by Marc Verhaegen and his orchestra (band), but with a totally Dunglish title: ‘I Feel Me a King’, a direct translation of ‘Ik voel mij een koning’, which should be ‘I Feel Like a King’.

Let the record show (pun) that his accent is pretty darn good otherwise.

You can hear this beauty too right here.

(Link and photo: Showcase (Frits Jonker of the Fool’s Gold column in Dutch comic strip magazine Zone5300), via @waa on Twitter, thanks!)

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3 Responses to “I feel me a song coming on”

  1. f says:


  2. Eric B says:

    Hm… “I feel me a king” could be seen as an equivalent to “I wish me a doughnut” (until you actually listen to the song that is). The question then remains what to feel in order to get that king…

  3. JustMeInHolland says:

    *giggle* Ah there is nothing like Dutch music. One for the kroeg here. Stab me with a kaasschaaf.

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