Who took my badjas?

This Belgian advert in Flemglish (Flemish + English) has been around for a while, but hey, I didn’t know about it and so it’s time to share.

I think this is a great use of Flemglish (Dunglish) — it can be done!

It even has Dutch subtitles. Yes, Flemish television is often subtitled in Dutch and vice versa whether we like it or not.

Who took my badjas = who took my bathrobe?

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One Response to “Who took my badjas?”

  1. Larry says:

    It has Dutch subtitles for the benefit of those who don’t understand some or all of the English. DUtch is one of the official languages of Belgium and the differences in vocabulary compared to Dutch in the Netherlands are minor most of the time. ‘Flemish’ and ‘Flanders’ both get applied to more than what they really are, to the point of being misnomers. (Is Leuvens really ‘Flemish’, given that it’s spoken in Brabant?).

    TV in Belgium and the Netherlands will subtitle anything Dutch in Dutch if there’s a chance someone might not understand the accent being used.

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