Totally messed up

The great guys over at Taalpuristen did a post on a hair salon, which has a wonderful Dunglish mistake in it, never mind the really ‘lathered up’ bad Dutch according to them. ‘Totally Hair & Beauty’ is just plain wrong because the Dutch adjective ‘totaal’ (‘total’) was turned into the adverb ‘totally’. And the Dutch adverb for ‘totally’ is ‘totaal’. Dutch adjectives and adverbs work that way. Depending on where the word is in a sentence, it’s either an adjective or an adverb. I remember struggling with that myself.

My point is it needed to be an adjective. Using what you think is a posh English name and mess it up is kinda dumb.

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One Response to “Totally messed up”

  1. Eric says:

    Maybe they really meant to call it “totally hairy” 🙂

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