Powered by Dunglish, fueled by lack of clarity


This campaign gave me yet another reason not to trust a union or ever join one. Not only is the entire advert unclear to the targeted Dutch audience, but a slogan like “Power to the mensen met gezond verstand” (Power to the people with common sense), has a Dunglish mix that dumbs it right down.

Just what the Dutch need, another vague Dunglish slogan. Let us move pass this, comerades.

(Link and photo: reclamewereld.blog.nl)

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One Response to “Powered by Dunglish, fueled by lack of clarity”

  1. Angela says:

    It seems to me that the use of English/Dunglish by FNV unions is meant to suggest a break with polder-style class collaboration. The activist group De Maat Is Vol used ‘working class’ and ‘proud to be a FNV’er’ and produced a T-shirt calling ministers ‘economic terrorists’. Meanwhile, the ‘flitsontslag’ being thrown in the bin in this ad is not as close to the ‘exit’ as union leaders seem to think.

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