Just shoot me


It was funfair time again on Dam square in Amsterdam right in front of the Royal Palace that’s being renovated although it’s only used twice a year (squeeze local politics in here).

Free choice is a splendid thing and should never be implied lightly or without exclamation marks. The idea is you win and you can choose the prize you want. ‘Winning is free choice’ means nothing at all, besides sounding American or pro-abortion. The claim of being the world’s biggest mobile shooting range is also questionable simply due to the Dunglish, but that’s less important. Using Dunglish to save space on a big banner is probably more important.

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3 Responses to “Just shoot me”

  1. DaVince says:

    Haha, oops. Those are just about as funny as the Engrish ones, only from our country. And as far as I know, the Dutch welcome the English language a lot more than the Japanese. The people making these horrible mistakes should be ashamed, as well as other employees of the shooting range who didn’t notice a huge semantic (?) mistake like this!

  2. marcia w says:

    Thanks SO much for the clarification! I saw the banner and was wondering if this was a new school of philosophy claiming “winning is free choice if you get a good shooting range”….

  3. EdwinR says:

    ‘Winnen is uitzoeken’ means nothing in dutch either. Fortunately Natashka explained the dutch part as well.

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