Congratulations wit yourrr occassssion

I need your help!

I saw and heard this advert on Dutch televison (RTL4?) for Tonny Keijzers auto’s (Tonny Keijzers autos) with some blonde guy (the owner?) singing something like “Congratulations met uwe occasion” (Congratulations on your used car). The Dutch word ‘occasion’ (yes, from the French adjective ‘occasion’ rather than the noun), rhymed with the English ‘congratulations’ when it shouldn’t, while the whole thing sounded like a hissing serpent trying to sing. The hissing refers to Dutch speakers who overpronounce the ‘s’ at the end of English words, instead of making it sounds like a ‘z’. I have this nagging feeling that since the AutoRAI (Car show) is over in Amsterdam that I won’t see it again (snif).

If anyone has any more tips/clips of what I know I saw at least once on Dutch TV, tell me about it!

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5 Responses to “Congratulations wit yourrr occassssion”

  1. Martijn Engler says:

    Worst TV commercial I’ve ever seen, so it instantly reminded me of this post when I saw it a few moments ago.
    I’m not saying my English is perfect (since I’m 100% sure it absolutely isn’t), but this … *sigh*

  2. DaVince says:

    I know it’s an Amsterdam accent to pronounce any z as an s…

  3. Alice Day says:

    My God! Where is the sick sense of humor. the pastiche, the spoof, the mockery? The Tonny Keijzers commercial is so bad that it’s good. It’s one big friggin’ joke, for crying out loud!

    Stop thinking and start feeling…

    The TK guy is my friend till the end!

    Alice XXX

  4. Natashka says:

    It’s a funny advert, absolutely.

    I can’t stop thinking, then I’ll disappear, according to Descartes 🙂

  5. says:

    Hey! I like your post “Congratulations wit yourrr occassssion” so well that I like to ask you whether I should translate into German and linking back. Greetings Engel

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