Six strikes


There’s a wind of conservatism and a reaffirming of Christianity blowing over The Netherlands these days. It comes in the form of more Christian political parties in the government, but also the amateur Christian girl group, X6. I’ve never heard them, I know it’s not for me and the talent show they are part of is just another reality show that won’t change the world.

However, the name ‘X6’ is a piece of Dunglish. It is meant as ‘excess’, but cannot be read as such in English (‘exsix’) or even in Dutch for that matter (‘exzes’). And for those who missed that lesson, here is what the word excess should sound like in plain English. The perfume XS by Paco Rabanne got it right.

(Tip: Nils)

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6 Responses to “Six strikes”

  1. Jessica says:

    In Dutch the name would be pronounced as ixses, z following s is pronounced as s (compare danszaal, for example).
    The letter x is pronounced as ix. Again, to Dutch kids it sounds logical, mixing the two languages, it sounds cool…
    To me, it sounds far fetched and artificial.

  2. Natashka says:

    Amen 🙂

  3. Marsvin says:

    I’ve met a lot of people who use “Axle” (Excel), or whose ISP is “Excess For All” (XS4ALL).

  4. Ar says:

    Repeatedly read out loud this name and you get:

    666 or XXX

    Now that’s my kind of girlband! 😉

  5. BdR says:

    Isn’t it meant to be pronounced as “keer 6” (which means “times 6”) instead of “excess”..?

  6. DaVince says:

    ““Excess For All” (XS4ALL).”
    No no no, ACCESS for all. But at least that can be pronounced correctly in English.

    Never heard of X6, and I’d say I’m seeing less and less Christianity. Don’t let one girl group make you think everyone’s going medieval again. 😛

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