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Let’s play a game. Don’t Google this wonderful bit of Dunglish/pseudo-hip text message language and guess what it means and/or spells out. Just the fact that it needs to be explained is proof that it’s got problems. I could be wrong, but play along and give an answer without looking it up.

I’ll post the rest tomorrow!

(Photo: Nans)

6 Responses to “Guess post”

  1. Jessica says:

    We are next, written by someone who doesn’t know how to pronounce a W. Where did you find this?
    By the way, great site! I am Dutch, studied English in Amsterdam, and I love to read about language
    in general. Keep up the good work!

  2. Natashka says:


    Very good guess! There’s one small thing missing that even I wouldn’t have guessed: what about the ’01’?

    And the ‘W’ part bugs me as well 🙂

  3. Jessica says:

    In Dutch, the W is pronounced as ‘way’, without the ‘j’ sound at the end. For the typical Dutchman, a Dutch ‘ee’ (as in way) in English becomes ‘ie’ as in English we. On the other hand, it may be SMS-text, used on mobiles. The 01 maybe refers to the 1st next generation?

  4. Jasper says:

    Ja, voor de Nederlanders is dit eigenlijk wel makkelijk. Die ’01’ associeer ik met zo’n teller wat je in postkantoren aantreft. Dus dat ‘wij’ de volgende zijn in de rij? Zoiets?

  5. Philip says:

    My guess, made before looking at the comments, and not Googled (but it’s so far-fetched that it might be right):

    ’01’ is probably pronounced the Dutch way, as ‘nul-één’, otherwise it wouldn’t make you so mad 😉 And with a slight stretch of the imagination, ‘nul-één’ sounds like ‘in line’. So what Jasper says, ‘we are next in line’ may be literally true.

    Or maybe ’01’ sounds more like ‘no line’, so it says ‘We are next. No line.’ which sounds like someone living in a state of denial to me 😉

  6. Nic says:

    This one is hard. And all my thoughts have already been posted by others..

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