Run away

System check

The Dunglish verb ‘runnen’ (‘run’) is often used in conversation, but I wouldn’t use it on a business website. It comes to mind faster than the localised version of that verb – blame IT if you must. The most Dutch repellent part is probably ‘systeem check’, which is nasty bastard Dunglish. I can’t be bothered to post a link to the site in question, as they hide their business identity, which goes against my principles.

Ask me why ‘run’ is popular in Dutch and my answer will be because it doesn’t need a preposition. English verbs tend to be taken over in many languages when they avoid using a preposition. It’s just a theory of mine.

(Photo: Kees)

One Response to “Run away”

  1. Larry says:

    I think you’re on to something about the prep-less verbs (possibly because phrasal verbs trip Dutiches up all the time).

    ‘Runnen’ has been common in Dutch for probably 20-30 years, in the sense of ‘een bedrijf runnen’, possibly because there isn’t anything as snappy-sounding in Dutch.

    Something like ‘Systeemcontrole uitvoeren’ would have been a lot better.

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