Greek style


Ah yes, restaurant menus. As long as people can figure it out, maybe decipher it, everything should be OK. What bothers me is that even the Greek transliteration (Greek with a Latin alphabet) and the Dutch is stuffed with pine nuts. Sure, its all about the food, but I wonder if the Metaxa didn’t get the best of the cook who whipped up this menu.

Some highlights:

Suflaki van Beef
The Dutch Greek English specialty

Koksplate/Plate a La Chef/Vishplate
Pick a mixed grill, they’re all on the menu

Red and white whine’s
No complaining!

(Link tip: Indra)

One Response to “Greek style”

  1. delphicat says:

    “… you will not only eat greek but also the hole atmosphere is greek …”
    This sounds scary!

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