Cash only

Sign in Amsterdam

There is a big difference between a bank card and a credit card. ‘Geen PIN’ (basically, ‘no bank cards’) is quick Dutch for ‘we don’t accept bank cards’. And the rest tells us in Dunglish that they do not accept credit cards, either. Or is that what they mean? I can’t say I like the info being mixed up like that. It’s got a ‘you Tarzan, me Jane’ quality about it as well.

(Photo: Yuri)

3 Responses to “Cash only”

  1. Ludolph says:

    You Tarzan, me Jane? Wat moet Jane geschrokken zijn toen zij dat hoorde.

  2. KWAKje says:

    na van de eerste schrik te zijn bekomen denk ik dat Jane best gelukkige momenten heeft kunnen beleven met een tarzan van Tarzan 😉

  3. Tiemen says:

    This is not dunglish, it’s chinglish. It’s not a typical dutch mistake, but you can actually tell by the font used too, it’s typical for Chinese restaurants.

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