Assemble this


Just throwing sentences together reminds me of an urban legend about ‘bullshit bingo’. The game was about writing down a bunch of terms like ‘paradigm’, ‘market share’ and ‘diversification’ and ticking them off while listening to upper manager spew such words out during dull meetings. This Belgian website basically threw its texts together much in the same way. Be sure to click on “route” and “jobs”. As well, the unfortunate stereotype that technical people cannot communicate is perpetuated here. I honestly do not understand what they do.

2 Responses to “Assemble this”

  1. eliane says:

    I thought it was called buzz word bingo?

  2. Larry says:

    ‘We actually have following job opportunities’

    Oh good. You know, so many companies make you think they have job opportunities when really they don’t …

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