Driving around


Currently nearing the end of my Dutch driving lessons and having passed the theory exam in Dutch and enriched my vocabulary with ‘feery’ expensive words, I noticed that many driving schools have weird names. This one is called Snelway, a lovely collision of ‘snelweg’ (highway or motorway, although the Dutch will usually say the American ‘highway’ first – in parts of Canada they even say ‘autoroute’ in English) and, well, ‘way’. There’s also this interesting driving school and their wonderful website. Oh, and something I found out by driving in downtown, bike-ridden, tram-filled, canal bridge-laden Amsterdam: “In Holland there are many unclear and confusing traffic situations”. They are absolutely right about that part.

(Link: Nans)

5 Responses to “Driving around”

  1. Tjaard says:

    What I’m always wondering is how the hell such companies can still attract customers…

  2. Nidhuggur says:

    Same here, since this company name doesn’t make sense to me. Although I must admit, I consider ‘Snelweg’ as quite funny, with its double meaning. Nonetheless this is a crappy try to combine both Dutch and English…

  3. Martijn says:

    In order to offer cheap lessons they think their name should be cheap too?

    Snelway is hilarious though 🙂

  4. Snelway Rijopleidingen says:

    Snelway is the best name!!

  5. Natashka says:

    Of course it is 🙂

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