Christmas miss


I do believe in mixing things up in life. ‘Christmix’ sound OK for some heavily rotated Christmas remix on the radio, even in the Netherlands, where you’d think Christmas was an Anglo-Saxon invention. A little digging tells me that this group performs ‘crazy and comical’ acts for passers-by at outdoor Christmas markets. The eternally unanswered question of why it has to be in Dunglish will remain a mystery in 2006.

(Photo: René)

3 Responses to “Christmas miss”

  1. eliane says:

    Last night someone told me about “christmukkah”, I hadn’t heard that one. Nothing to do with Dunglish though.

  2. Natashka says:

    It seems Happy Holidays has fallen out of favour 🙂

  3. roos says:

    chrismukkah comes from the television show ‘the O.C.

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