Better business blunders


Tanks a lot

“professional welders who are in possession of all thinkable certificates”.

I remember being able to buy “all thinkable certificates” in the Moscow metro back in the 1990s.

The rest of the site is convincing enough, but quite wonky.

Decode this

“In the same way you can drop your questions.”

Drop, as in forget it altogether. The rest of this site is a real riot.

4 Responses to “Better business blunders”

  1. Flint says:

    Heheh. For those of us with a cold, “cool down your flue gases” please:

  2. Flint says:

    Oops, should have fact-checked myself, it probably means “pipe gases” in this case:

    Pardon my ignorance.

  3. Natashka says:

    No probs, it happens to all of us 🙂

  4. Larry says:

    No, it’s probably ‘flue gases’ after all:

    Someone apparently had a shaky grasp of English AND a NL-EN technical dictionary.

    Re ‘thinkable’: it’s one of those non-words that I occasionally see in texts where things that are probable are described as being ‘very good possible’, among other monstrosities.

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