Pulling the plugs

Dutch TV advert character

I got back yesterday from my action-packed karate weekend in Rotterdam and was glad to be home. I sat myself down for some well-deserved channel surfing and the first new advert on Dutch TV featured some annoying Dunglish. An advert for one of the many energy companies boasts yet another middle-aged male superhero, a trend at the moment in the Netherlands. (see this telecom ‘superhero’ and read the Dunglish menu). Our masked man’s chest reads “verspilling is killing” or “waste is killing”, which is incorrect not to mention exaggerated. Dunglish history is repeating itself, as you can see by this previous posting.

Besides the lame attempt at a rhyme, why are we being subjected to bulging, unattractive middle-aged men, while other adverts flaunt lingerie-clad women? Enough already!

4 Responses to “Pulling the plugs”

  1. Anonymous Doughboy says:

    The energy company ad is undoubtedly trying to feed off the popularity of the Chatman ad. I don’t think this is a very worrying trend, as KPN will probably have a totally different ad within a short while. We didn’t see a sudden surge of bling ads after the previous Hi ads. (Well, one, from a cookie company.)

  2. rob says:

    You shouldn’t take the ad too seriously. If you watch it carefully you’ll realise the Superhero and the ‘verspilling is killing’-phrase is just a company’s employer’s daydream.
    It may be awkwardly phrased but the message is clear: don’t waste energy.
    I think it’s well-made.

  3. harrie says:


  4. Ton says:

    I think it’s funny,

    a ridiculous man, in a ridiculous suit, with a ridiculous phrase on his shirt, but with a very clear message

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